Nifty Futures Trade – September 2015

For September 2015 month, the general Nifty levels to trade goes like the following. This information will help for the people who have some technical knowledge in trading nifty. Non technical traders, novice and new comers can avail our paid service for the best trades.

During September month till expiry Nifty future can trade as follows….

Below 7925 it will continue its downward journey for targets of 7890,7840,7750, 7640, 7521,7462,7318

Above 7930 it will pullback to 8075, 8190 and 8306. Should find resistance @ 8190 and 8306 and move down again.

Above 8451 it will come to a BUY for targets of 8505, 8595, 8629, 8739,8858, 8917

Good luck