How to Trade Our Calls

We say it again and again – TRADE LESS BUT WISE

We offer mainly 2 types of calls as of now – Nifty Future Call and Bank Nifty Call. These calls available for a single monthly Paid Service, which is at competitively  low price – Click here for Subscription Details.

Not Confident enough? ! Register for 1 month FREE trial from our Contact Page.

You can subscribe for a Paid Service and on Yahoo IM you can follow all these calls to trade. If you have already spent time with trading you can always trade all our calls. But what we suggest anybody is do not grab one call here and other call there by which you may lose control over trading. Initially with this service, I suggest you start trading in one segment, get the way we function and slowly over 2-3 months start trading all the calls.

Which segment you trade left to you and your capital to trade.

Nifty Future Calls

Our Paid service involves Nifty Future Calls and most of the time they are all Positional calls. A call consists of only Entry, Exit points and a hedge position. In a month you may get 4-5 such Nifty Future calls. Normally Entry point will be alerted to you on Yahoo IM at least 2-10 minutes before the actual Nifty Future Entry level. Target will be a range where you can exit conveniently for profits. Stoploss will also be alerted 5-10 minutes early on Yahoo IM.

a) Depending on the chart we advise to buy or sell 2 lots Nifty Futures based on Spot levels. There will be stoploss for all the calls. 

b) Once trade triggered and move towards the expected direction we advise to book 1 lot at 50 – 60 points and hold on to the 2nd lot till signal reverses on chart.

c) At appropriate time we advise to sell 1 lot call/put options to preserve the holding position.

d) 90 % of the time we end up in profits, in all cases we preserve our invested capital.

e) There may be a lull month where Nifty may tend to be in a range bound where there may be no calls or can be altered with stock future calls. Note this can happen in a month or two in a year.

How actually this goes with Real Trading Hours? – An example

Let us take an example of Jan 2016 trading….

On 4th Jan – 10.17 am – We advised to SELL 2 lots Nifty when Spot Nifty breached 7877.

Same day 4th Jan – 11.55 am – We told to cover 1 lot Nifty when Spot price reached 7822 to make 55 points profit.

Now you have 1 lot capital along with 55 points profit made money.

From there on market decline continued and we kept quite as our 2nd lot SOLD position was making money!!

On 13th Jan – 11 am – We advised to SELL 7400 PE 1 lot at 85 with the money you already had i.e covered 1st lot nifty with profit earlier.

On 22nd Jan – 10.56 am – We covered 2nd lot Nifty at 7395 (before this it went to 7250!!) for the profit of 482 points

Same day covered the sold PE position at 65 for the profit of 20 points.

With that entire call completed and your capital is back with the profit of 557 points. Then next call triggered on 22nd Jan where the previous call closed but on Long side – Profits continued to pour in…. Check the – Nifty Trade Table for Details

You are advised to take all the calls given failing which your cumulative profitable points may get reduced in a month or quarter. Out of 4-5 calls expect 2-3 reaching targets and 1-2 may hit stoploss in a month. Trading will only become Profitable when we exit with minimum losses and maximum profits.

Calls are purely technical and are NOT based on news or speculation. We developed a simple strategy and are making consistently 300 plus points profit in a month from last 2 years.

Bank Nifty Calls

It is as like Nifty Future Call may be like 3-4 Calls in a month.You are advised to take all the calls given failing which your cumulative profitable points may get reduced in a month or quarter.

Calls will be given ONLY to the members of Paid Service(1 month FREE trail included) during market hours on yahoo messenger only. No SMS or telephonic service available.

During market hours we don’t discuss anything related to market or other issues. You will only get call information. For any queries you can contact us.