Nifty Future Tips 2018

We, at provide you the best profitable Nifty Future Tips to help you grow your money. In our service we advice majorly on Nifty Futures where our research team concentrates this segment in particular. In addition we provide trading tips on Bank Nifty Futures also. Nifty Futures Calls is based on technical chart reading and the position may need to be protected with suitable hedging.

You can refer this page for our last 2 years performance – Nifty Call Performance 2016 and Nifty Call Performance 2017

Compared to 2016 & 2017 we have adopted few additional strategies like, where we try to enter call in an uncomfortable situation we may delta hedge options with single lot nifty future. We also started mentioning whether the call given is in Comfort(C) or Discomfort(D) level. Although Discomfort Nifty Future Calls may perform well, for a conservative trader we suggest to go with Stock Future trades during that time.

We believe in the policy Trade less but wise. So, in a span of a month we may provide you 3-4 Nifty Future calls along with option hedging where in total you will be making 300+ points profit. We know making 300+ Nifty points without a mess is good enough for a person to grow his wealth slowly and steadily.

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Following table depicts our Nifty Future calls in this year till date where you can find how we took along anybody to make profitable trades.  Calls given below are in Nifty Future segment at real time.

Nifty Future Tips 2018


Sl.No Trade Lot No Date ENTRY EXIT Date P/L Cum
1 Short 1 01.01.18 10505 10449 02.01.18 51  
    2  01.01.18  10505  10500  04.01.18  5  
 2  Long  1  04.01.18  10530  10581  05.01.18  51  
     2  04.01.18  10530  10630  08.01.18  100
 3  Long  1&2  09.01.18  10621  10622  10.01.18  4
 4  Short  1&2  10.01.18  10606  10667  11.01.18  -122
 Hedge  10600 PE2L  11.01.18  75  55  12.01.18  40  
 5  Long  1  11.01.18  10665  10730  15.01.18  65  
     2  12.01.18  10649  10721  17.01.18  72  
     3  17.01.18




 10840  19.01.18  219  
 Short  4  17.01.18  10820  10810  18.01.18  10
no Months NF Points
1 Jan 2017
2 Feb 2017
3 Mar 2017
4 Apr 2017
5 May 2017
6 June 2017
7 Jul 2017
8 Aug 2017
9 Sep 2017
10 Oct 2017
11 Nov 2017
12 Dec 2017

Our Subscription service involves Nifty Future Tips. We advice you to trade always 2 lots of Nifty, quantity that depends on your capital. As shown in the above table you need to close these 2 lots at different time or at a same time as and when such situation arises.The call will start with Entry position. We advice you where to exit the 2 lots in position. We may also hit Stoploss as it is inevitable in stock market. We do not provide Stoploss and Targets at the entry of the call. You will be online chat mode with us to know where to exit your positions for the maximum profits. As and when situation warrants you need to have a 1 lot option hedging for the 2nd lot.These calls will be working you at the most between 1 to 10 days. All in all they will fetch you assured 300+ nifty points in a month.The Nifty Future Tips provided here is purely on Technical Analysis.

We have developed a beautiful strategy where losses are minimum and profits made will be much higher. These calls are purely of Technical. Calls are not based on news and not on speculation. We assure, you can make fixed money or grow your capital slowly through our trading advise. We don’t provide you with too many calls and in too many segments. Our policy is to focus on the best trading option and maximize profits in that.

This site provide you FREE Daily Nifty and Bank Nifty Future Tips. We have a daily post on Nifty, Bank Nifty, BSE Sensex and also FII, DII activities, RBI Policy programs along with major company result news. This update you can see from our Nifty Today Category almost before market opens. We also provide FREE Monthly Spot Nifty Levels  to trade in our Monthly Nifty category.On weekends we provide you the posts on technical analysis where it is purely a knowledge section for only learning purpose. These posts will be in learning section where chart patterns depicted and discussed in detail. It also provides you basic knowledge on technical analysis.

To conclude, based on technical analysis we provide information on Nifty Futures that you can always rely on for maximum profits. Those with technical knowledge already can go through our daily Nifty and monthly nifty sections. Those who require technical Nifty Future Tips can avail subscription service.I also advise you to look into How to trade our calls section to get more information on our service.